Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interest Calculator: my first application for iphone is on App Store

Hello Everyone!

My first iPhone application is on App Store!


Here is the description, directly from Apple Store:

Interest Calculator is exactly what it claims to be: an application for your iPhone/iPod touch, to calculate interest, and useful for helping you about your investments and your business.

It can be useful when you must take decisions about credit (for example, to buy a car) and you want to know the convenience.  

It's usage is simple and fast, and it can calculate Simple and Compound Interest. 

Calculation can be made using dollars or euros, with a year of 365 or 360 days (commercial). You can choose these parameters using "Settings".

Available languages: English & Italian

Here is the download link: iTunes link


  1. Nice application! It is useful and easy to use!
    But it is also complete! Good!

  2. Bel programma, snello e veloce|

  3. Have a nice day!
    Please, add French language!

    I like it, good application!

  4. are you ready to find the one?

  5. I use this application for teaching the kids which is simple but is a very useful application.

  6. Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments!

    For Michael Brush:
    Finally I added French language. Here is the link
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    For "windows mobile web development services":
    I'm very surprised about your use of application. :) And I'm very happy!